Welcome to the Saginaw Hoarding Task Force Website

"Holding on is believing that

there's only a past;

letting go is knowing that

there's a future."

-- Daphne Rose Kingma

Mission Statement

The Saginaw County Hoarding Task Force is a partnership of local public and private agencies whose purpose is to collaboratively seek to raise public awareness of hoarding and to preserve safe and appropriate housing by development and utilization of tools, best practices and early intervention strategies, by: 1) working with individuals to help achieve goals, mitigate the level of consequences of hoarding, and re-establishing home environmental quality and safety; 2) focusing on harm reduction principles; 3) recognizing that even if harmful behavior cannot be completely changed, modest behavioral change is beneficial, and meaningful and significant improvements can be made in quality of life; and 4) reducing the severity, impact and/or and harm for any individual citizen, families, neighborhoods, and the community, as well as the lead responding organizations.